And laughing a bit about it as well. Sometimes the impact of an image is that it makes you laugh. On this blue sky morning at a local lake I was working during morning rush hour (geese taking off and landing after roosting all night). These are really fun birds. They talk up a storm before taking off and are of various degrees of skill when it comes to landing again. It’s hard not to think of these birds as people commuting to work.

For this type of image, I am working with long glass (500mm with a 1.4X teleconverter) and on a tripod. I keep autofocus on the continuous mode and select a large array of sensors to keep the birds in focus while they are flying towards me. I want an image with little or no overlap of the birds so that each is a distinct form. The one bird on the upper right is just plain having some trouble. Maybe it’s just not comfortable with the whole flying thing, but for some reason Don Knotts comes to mind.

(c) Paul Grecian -
(c) Paul Grecian –



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