I have been wanting to print a new fox image for a while. In reviewing images I made at one particular den, I chose this image to be a new 7×10 print. These two kits were part of a den of 6! Romping around and playing with each other, they provided a lot of entertainment and some frustration. Their almost constant movement made it challenging to create anything coherent.

I wanted to create behavior pieces but ones that were visually pleasing as well. Composition is always important as are color and lighting. The soft light kept highlights under control and the warm-toned grasses work well with the fox’s fur. Ultimately, it was just a lot of fun to work with them for the 8 days I could spend hanging out in the field.

In this image of two kits, one certainly seems to have something to say that is not meant for my ears!

It's a Secret!
It’s a Secret!



3 thoughts on “It’s a Secret……..

  1. That is one cool shot. Well done, Paul, to have been there when it mattered and made a great shot when it presented itself. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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