Four Seasons

LF Project 2One of the things I really enjoy about living in this part of the country (north-central PA), is having four distinct seasons. So when I received an inquiry from a customer about doing a four-seasons arrangement with trees being prominent, I was very pleased. My client had already selected three pieces from my gallery on-line and wanted me to work up some options specifically for spring. After sending her several thumbnail images, she made her choice.  But still a bit uncertain, she needed something else.

It always helps to be able to visualize an art arrangement on a wall, so I sent her a mock -up image of the pieces she selected. Not only did she have a better sense of how the selection would look together, she loved my specific arrangement. As an artist, it is rewarding to me that I can both create works that speak to people, and assist in how they will live with the art they purchase.

Falling Forward

In a couple weeks I will be full swing into my fall schedule. Shows, holidays, field trips, so much happens this time of year. It is busy. Working as a visual artist is complex, it’s more than a job, it’s the definition of who I am. After my roles as husband and dad, being an artist is what I work at hardest. Exhibiting and selling my work at fine craft and art shows is how I primarily associate with people who connect with my imagery. But being an artist in a broader sense also means connecting with other artists and participating in the organizations that promote the arts.

I enjoy my role as Vice President of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, my membership with the Reading-Berks chapter, and participation in shows both at the chapter level and state level of the guild. I enjoy the occasional calls to assist with contest judging, craft jurying, and when organizations have selected my work for their special projects. It’s all part of the bigger picture of what I do. The deeper I get and the broader I expand, the more I like it.

Having just come off of a challenging show in Chadds Ford, PA, I’m now preparing for the fall line-up. Chadds Ford was hard because of the time compression caused by Tropical Storm Hanna, but it was also a fun event. Most of the patrons I meet were new to me, which is nice. One gentlemen came into my canopy and was drawn to an image titled Blue Bird. He was considering it as a Christmas gift for his wife, but he wasn’t totally sure. Ultimately he left, came back, and purchased the matted print. A little while later I was in the process of selling another matted print to a woman when the first gentlemen came back. He asked the woman what she was buying.  The woman turned out to be his wife and she was also buying the Blue Bird  image! So I guess this man’s choice for his wife was safe. The couple decided to return the print the husband bought and buy the framed piece. I wish I knew so well what to buy my wife!

Blue Bird - (c) Paul Grecian
Blue Bird - (c) Paul Grecian