As an independent artist one of my greatest rewards is seeing how people live with the work I create. My photographic prints hang in locations throughout the United States and in several countries. Recently a few patrons sent me pictures of how they have made my work part of their daily lives.  Their selections represent a cross-section of the type of images I make and two of the substrates on which my images are printed.

In the first case, below, the couple selected two canvas giclees from me. What is particularly fun about their purchases is that the two pieces were bought at different Patti and Erictimes and for each other’s birthdays. In both cases, these purchases were surprise gifts which was a tricky thing to pull off because they always come to my shows together. The picture of the space where the canvases hang depicts a landscape image – Hazy Shade of Winter, and one of my water drop pieces – Morning Jewels.

The second example shows a setting in a private home in Vienna, Austria. The picture shows a lovely space that I am very pleased to have my work be part of. In addition to being especially beautiful birds, I find cardinals uplifting whenever I see or hear them. I suspect this patron feels the same way. Her choice of three giclees (on paper) celebrates these spiritual birds, both male and female. From left to right are Flowers for Him, By Heart and  Flowers for Her,

Austria home

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