My ongoing photographic series on barn cats continues with this new image of Peanut. Sometimes, the personality of an animal just strikes a chord. Peanut seems to engage in behaviors that scream cuteness. She finds ways of putting herself into places and situations that are associated with innocence and youthful curiosity.

One of the nice things about this project for me is that I live with this small colony of cats on a daily basis. I get to experience their antics and make use of those experiences to create images that speak to larger concepts.


This image is the result of both my relationship with this cat colony, and an understanding of this particular kitten. My goal with this project is to create imagery that speaks to human emotions as experienced through other animals. Whether it is a kitten curled up in a bowl or a human baby curled up in a basket, the emotions are the same.

I had initially approached this situation on my stomach working eye-to-eye as I typically do in this project. But I realized that the true impact I wanted would best be achieved looking down on Peanut and graphically using the roundness of the two bowls. Roundness is a soft shape which is consistent with the desired feeling I wanted in the image.

Peanut and the Bowl is now available as a Limited Edition pigment giclee print from my gallery on-line.

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