For the last few years, I have been working with the cats that live on our farm to create images that speak to their lives and personalities. I’ve been trying to make images that are authentic, honest, and representational of their hardships, and everyday lives. The work I have been offering as prints as part of my “Barn Cat Series” have been well received. This year, one of my favorite barn inhabitants gave birth to a wonderful little girl that has been an absolute delight. We have named her Peanut. She is tiny for her age and engages in behaviors that literally have made me laugh out loud.

I keep a close eye on her to see what new adventures and discoveries she might have. To create images that are personal and of her world, I must work at ground level. When possible I like to be at a level even a little below hers, as when she is on a raised garden bed, or porch. Sometimes however, emphasizing her small size by working from above is the best way to speak to her vulnerability.

This print is titled Peanut and the Bottle and is available on my gallery on-line HERE



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