People like to know what camera I use, I understand that. I have always liked cameras, I find them fascinating. I find lenses interesting too. I read the reviews and the tests and the comparisons. The thing I think about most however, is how does any particular camera-lens combination suit my needs to make the image I am envisioning. I need to take complete control of the process of composing, selecting perspective, deciding on depth of field, point of focus, color relationships, exposure implications, field of view, level of sharpness, and a variety of other variables which make photography an art form as well as a craft.

I work with a variety of camera types including a high megapixel DSLR, Micro-Four-thirds mirrorless, “bridge cameras”, “point-and-shoot” varieties, instant-film camera, and even an iPhone camera with interchangeable lenses. All of these cameras I use to create the art that I wish to make. Each camera is selected because it is the tool that I wish to use or I happen to have at hand. I have sold works to collectors with each of these camera types and have had images published from several of them. Its never about the camera.

I still really enjoy cameras though. My enjoyment is not because of what cameras can do for me, but because of what I can do with cameras! When I read about a new camera or lens, my excitement comes when I realize what I can do with them to achieve my vision.

The image below was made with a high megapixel Nikon D800 and an excellent Nikon 80-400mm G AFS lens on a tripod (of course). But I doubt this level of equipment was necessary to achieve my vision here. The location is Acadia National Park, Maine.

Grasses reflected in lake waters, Maine  (c) 2016 Paul Grecian




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