Introducing a new print now available as a 7 x 14 archival pigment print matted to 16 x 20 (Spanish White acid-free double mat). This is an image I made by a lake in Bucks County, PA on an early October morning. The title, Sapphire Lace, was chosen when a fiber artist friend suggested it is how the image made her feel.

Matted, and framed options are available at shows in which I’m exhibiting or directly through my web site HERE.

There is a time both early morning and after sunset when the sky becomes a magnificent blue against which I want to compose some silhouetted trees. With the moon setting in the sky, placement of the thickest tree was critical in creating a balanced composition. With the sweeping, curved line of the longest branch moving up and to the left, the moon placement draws the eye back to the lower right.

Sapphire Lace
Sapphire Lace, (c) 2016 Paul Grecian

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