I have always been a collector. I’ve collected rocks, shells, stamps, baseball cards, National Geographic magazines, and most seriously of all, coins. I enjoy the act of seeking out new acquisitions, trying to complete sets, and just the joy of ownership. I don’t collect any of those things any longer, but can envision greatly enjoying collecting artwork.

As a full-time artist, I am privileged to be around many talented creative people working in a variety of mediums and have acquired pieces that I want to own. As much as possible, I think every artist should also be a collector of art. I like having the works of other artists that I admire. Their work reminds me of our association, stretches my experience, and brings me happiness to look at or hold. Importantly as well, the purchase of other artist’s works allows me to feel the way a collector of my own work feels. Allows me to consider the same purchasing decisions, and the thrill of finding, acquiring, and adding fine work to a personal collection.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the collecting of art and came across a couple good points of view that I’d like to share. In an article by Robin Cembalest in ARTnews (Summer 2014), Dorsey Waxter (partner in New York’s Van Doren Waxter Gallery) speaks about collectors who are “making choices based on an esthetic or as part of the dialogue about art that’s being made today.” I think collecting to express a personal esthetic is a wonderful form of creativity in itself and I would enjoy seeing any such collection.

In the same article, Allan Schwartzman, a New York art advisor speaks about “great collectors as those who seek out “soul and individuality and personality” in art and aspire to showcase “brilliance and greatness where it hasn’t been seen before.”” I am fortunate to exhibit with talented fine artists who are undervalued and whose works are very approachable price wise. In fact, with a budget of even a couple hundred dollars a month, a collector can put together some wonderful work.

Rain on Jordan’s Pond, Acadia NP by Paul Grecian. Framed to 16×20 for $229.

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