During my gallery hosting stint this month at Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville, NJ, I had an interesting discussion with a visitor. She looked at my framed print of Light Path which I had hanging in our center room and asked me if it was an image I made locally. I told her it was made at Acadia National Park and she replied that she thought it was a specific stretch of path at Peace Valley Park in Bucks County, PA. That stunned me because Peace Valley Park is a location that I have been creating images for over 25 years.

This interaction was another confirmation for me that location is not important in the art of photography. What matters is personal vision, personal aesthetics, personal interests and emotion. I knew exactly the path at Peace Valley Park of which she was referring, it’s one I’ve been on many times. I feel that my artistic style was developed at locations near where I’ve lived. So while traveling in Maine, that style was still in play. When I photograph in locations I know well, what I am doing is engaging in an internal exploration more than an external discovery. In Maine, although I discovered many new places to me, my internal experience informed my work and was expressed in the imagery I created.

I will go back to Peace Valley Park often again and as always will discover something new about myself. It’s not about location, the traveling that takes place, the discovery, is all internal.

Light Path is a framed print (16×20) available for $189.00 by contacting me at pdgrecian@verizon.net

(c) 2015 Paul Grecian "Light Path"
(c) 2015 Paul Grecian “Light Path”

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