I am in the final printing stage of work that I will be exhibiting at my annual two-person show with Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville, NJ. This year I have teamed up with the amazing Gail Bracegirdle whose work I have admired for years. The name of our show is Observations and touches on the question of whether artists really see the world differently.

The show will be up starting June 4 with a reception on June 6 from 5-8 pm. This show is more about my visual approach than any particular subject matter, so it seems extremely personal to me.

At Artists' Gallery starting June 4
At Artists’ Gallery starting June 4

2 thoughts on “Observations – A Two-Person Show

  1. Interesting word choice (“touches” on the question…) since this subject seems to be one that fairly quickly can become a fairly deep conversation. I offer as a variation of this theme- whether an open-minded, receptive viewer sees art work differently than others who just like or don’t like.

    1. As always Marty, you add great insight. I totally agree with you and have made this point to patrons. It matters not if an artist “sees” differently if a viewer is not receptive and therefore also “sees” differently. The role of the artist to some extent is to foster that “seeing.”

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