It is typically the case for me that when I experience an attraction to a subject, landscape, or idea, I have a fairly specific response which results in a particular interpretation or communication in the image I make. That doesn’t mean I don’t explore the “scene” or try different ways of expressing the feeling I’m having. it’s just that when all is said and done, I usually can decide on one image that represents my intent.

Recently, I began developing a RAW file from my 2014 Acadia National Park trip and found myself creating 6 different versions of the print. It is a scene containing Birch trees along a path around Sieur de Mont. I have been working on “pathways” as a theme for many years and I was especially drawn to the light and monochrome tones of this scene.

(c) 2015 Paul Grecian
(c) 2015 Paul Grecian

I have decided to offer the 6 different versions as Artist’s Proofs and will decide on which to add to my regular print additions over time. The two examples here represent the extremes of the range of looks I liked. The image was made with an Olympus OMD EM-5 camera with a Panasonic 14-140mm lens handheld. In all of the versions, I converted the image to black and white.

I am especially fond of the vignette version below with a bit of sepia “toning” which gives it a timeless feeling and also one which imbues it with a sense of mystery or romanticism. It reminds me of the type of imagery that one would find in a very old book or magazine. I will be offering each Artist’s Proof framed for $225.00 which includes UV-protective, Reflection-control glass.

(c) 2015 Paul Grecian
(c) 2015 Paul Grecian

2 thoughts on “More Than One Right Answer

  1. Paul,

    I really like the (heavily) vignetted version, which is not my normal bias. But in this case, it seems almost like what one actually is paying attention to walking down the path,looking towards the vanishing point. Our peripheral vision is there, but not really given much thought.

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