Longwood1The calendars and the clocks tell me it’s spring but I need proof. For the last couple years I have been seeking that proof along with a friend, Wayne. We head down to Longwood Gardens to be shown that spring is in fact here.

Today, however, we found proof of spring mostly lacking. There were a few initial signs that the season has changed, but most were still weeks in the making. It’s all good though, the Conservatory is always worth a visit. And a walk around the grounds, even looking much like winter, is a fine thing.

Highlights of the day included a lawn full of crocuses and a the sighting of a rather rare Long-eared Owl! Other than that, well, there’s always that amazing mushroom soup………….

Inside the Conservatory I found a drapery of flowers with a hanging pot of orchids. it had a rather magical look to it all when I compressed the view with a telephoto perspective. For todays group of images I used a Sony RX10 with a lens equivalent to a 24-200mm which gave me most of what I would need with the various subjects at Longwood.

(c) 2015 Paul Grecian
(c) 2015 Paul Grecian

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