For my current two-person show at Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville NJ, I had a new image which I titled A Ripple, A Blade of Grass. It is an image of grasses and their reflections in Jordan Pond. I converted the original color image into a black and white and then applied a sepia tone. The print is on Epson Enhanced Matte paper to emphasize the softness of the light. I was working on a rainy day, very overcast with an Olympus E5 and Olympus 50-200mm lens (both totally weather proof for these kind of conditions).

The framed version (print #1) sold to a couple who were drawn to the Zen-like feeling of the image. I appreciated their remarks to me so much that I want to share them.

We were both really moved by the piece and are excited to display it in our home.  It’s ironic when I think about how I felt when I first caught a glimpse of it – I felt so excited and elated, which might seem a little silly given the Zen like nature of the image you’ve captured.  But I’ve been studying a lot about mindfulness and being present in the moment, and your work was the first piece I’ve seen that, to me, perfectly represents that state of being.  I love the way you’ve edited it down to the barest essentials, and yet it still feels so powerful.  I could gush more about it, but I’ll save you from having to read a novel about how much I enjoy the piece!”




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