Winter I believe, is the most unique of the seasons visually. Winter has a mood that is just totally different from Spring, Summer, or Fall. There is a starkness of course, but also a more spiritual essence. Maybe its the harshness of the season, the historical struggle associated with it that makes us look upon it with awe. Most of us survive winters quite effectively now which may make it easier to look upon it with a sense of beauty rather than dread.

We are still dealing with one of the harsher winters we’ have had in this part of Pennsylvania, and this past ice storm has impacted both family and friends (who are still without power!). I don’t mind saying though that this ice event has transformed the landscape in a way that I find as beautiful as any natural event I’ve ever witnessed.

I sometimes find subjects of great beauty the most difficult from which to create compelling imagery. I may be more satisfied by creating beauty from “ordinary” subjects. How does one interpret great beauty without representing the obvious. And when the whole landscape is encased in crystal, how do you allow yourself enough time in any one location when the rest of the world is calling you to it?

All I can do is try to relax, breath, stay in the moment, and dig deep within  to determine what it is that I find so thrilling about light coming through ice, shaped around trees, and refracting every color of the rainbow! Alright, that sounds impossible……….maybe it is?

(c) 2014 Paul Grecian
(c) 2014 Paul Grecian



6 thoughts on “Iced

  1. The stunning whiteness and crystalline glisten of the last snow and ice event moved even an avowed hater of short days and cold temps like me to see beauty in winter. Paul, you not only see it, you capture the atmosphere of the thing.

  2. When “it” is all around you & you must choose one (& I assume you took many images in several locations, simply giving us the one that best illustrates how you feel), do I correctly assume that you consciously put a bright circle-ish in the center? That everything is encased in (clear) crystal is a strong statement, which many images may convey. However that it is all illuminated by a single source is much stronger, Inner Reflection calendar-like.

    1. Thanks Marty, Inner Reflections is a high standard. I wanted a strong light behind the central tree to maximize the contrast and to give it an almost spiritual sense. I also worked to emphasize the circular highlights.

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