I’ve occasionally been printing in a more panoramic format of 7×14 inches in the last year. Certain images I’ve made with this 2:1 proportion represent the feeling of the experience more closely than my typical 3:2 ratio. This image made during my last clear night in Acadia National Park is an example of one I feel is best suited to the 2:1 ratio.

I’ve always enjoyed a deep black in my prints, especially when they involved a silhouette. The star filled sky allows for the clear outline of the various trees to be seen, something that is critical for a silhouette image. I’ve also composed to include a slight dip in the line of trees to keep the “horizon” from being boringly straight. I especially enjoy that many stars can be seen through the rather empty tree canopy where leaves are absent.

For this image I used a Nikon D800 with Nikkor 16-35mm f4 ED lens. I exposed the image for approx. 30 seconds, wide open at an ISO of 3200.

(c) 2013 Paul Grecian
(c) 2013 Paul Grecian




One thought on “One more night…………….

  1. As usual, Paul, you’ve composed and captured a beautiful and evocative image. It is always such a delight to read your technical and thought process, as respects your images. It makes me better able to appreciate the fine art of fine art photography.

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