One of the things I find so compelling about Acadia National Park is the variety of habitats and diversity of life that somehow survive in what seems like pretty tough conditions. As a biologist, I understand how these niches can support life, but as an artist I see the same subjects as metaphors  for struggle and the fight to survive.

In this image, the tree is literally between a rock and a hard place and yet seemingly thrives in this harsh micro-habitat. The contrasts in this image relate not just to animate and inanimate, but also hard and soft, light and dark, textured and smooth, round and amorphous. It’s these contrasts or dynamic elements of a subject that add an emotional chord to an image.

This image was made on one of my favorite short hikes in Acadia around a tarn. I made the image handheld which is something I’ve only more recently begun to do. I was working with an Olympus OMD-EM5 and a Panasonic 14-140mm F4-5.8 lens closed down slightly. This is a very portable combination of camera and lens which allows me to work more fluidly and spontaneously especially when the conditions require me to have a hand free to maneuver through boulders

(c) 2013 Paul Grecian

(c) 2013 Paul Grecian



4 thoughts on “The Struggle……….

  1. “Emotional chord….” Good phrase to describe the sometimes subtle elements that make up an image. (ps. Why the tag “alone?” You or the tree?)

  2. We have some very old cedars like this that grow in the Northern areas of the Great Lakes. I find myself thinking the same thing about them. What a magnificent thing to see a tree growing in rock, with barely any dirt at all. This image certainly speaks harmony.

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