In a star-filled sky, I like to have a well-known constellation to anchor the viewer’s attention. There’s probably no better known constellation than the Big Dipper. This image was made at Otter Cove in Acadia National Park during this past trip. I like the “midnight blue” color of the sky (although I made the image an hour or so before midnight). There was still a bit of light left on the horizon (at least during a 30 second exposure at ISO 2000) which provides a bit of color gradation interest to the image.

I knew if I had a clear sky that this was a location i wanted to go back to for night sky imagery, but man is it dark out there! You also have to watch out for other cars that may not see you parked in the road (even though that’s allowed).

I used a Nikon D800 with a Nikkor 16-35mm f4.0 lens wide open and at 16mm to bring in as much of the sky as possible. Of course a tripod is necessary and I use a Really Right Stuff (RRS) L-bracket on the battery grip equipped body for easy switching from horizontal to vertical format. The tripod I used was a Gitzo carbon fiber with an RRS BH-55 ballhead and quick-release clamp. I activate the shutter using a third party (Vello) electronic cable release.

(c) 2013 Paul Grecian
(c) 2013 Paul Grecian



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