There’s something uplifting and inspirational about watching and listening to small birds belt out a tune. And, not too many birds do that better than the humble House Wren. They jump around and sing with an urgency that demands an audience. Look at how wide this little bird can open its mouth to let all the sound come out! What in the world could it be saying?  I’d like to think it’s just joyfulness . Maybe it doesn’t matter,  I enjoyed the performance anyway.

I composed this image to give room around the bird. This open space speaks to both the birds size and to the fact that it is singing not to anything in particular, but just to put the song out there. My perspective is such that I do not diminish the birds importance by being above it, nor diminish the intimacy of the performance by being too far below it. At eye-level the bird appears as though singing to me.

To separate the bird from the background and keep the elements of the image simple, a long, fast telephoto lens (Canon EF 500mm f4.0 L IS with a Canon TC 1.4X) provides shallow depth of field and enough light transmission for a shutter speed to stop the action of the singing.

Belting one out!
Belting one out!

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