In the current April/May issue of Professional Artist magazine I write about the hows and whys of doing a home/studio show as an alternate venue for selling artwork. I had the chance to visit artist Andy Smith during his annual home/studio show, it was a great experience. My wife and daughter came with me and both took some of Andy’s wonderful work home for themselves and as gifts. Andy’s home/studio show is so well done and certainly has me thinking about how I could pull off such an event.

Apri-May 2013 issue of Professional Artist magazine
Apri-May 2013 issue of Professional Artist magazine



4 thoughts on “No Place Like Home……..or Studio for that matter

  1. your timing is (as always) impeccable, LOL! My studio show is coming up in May – although I do have to “leave my home”, the studio is only about 200 feet away. Tough commute, and I’ll be reading your article. Thanks!

    1. Hey Materese, thanks for the visit. Best of luck with your studio show! I hope you’ll be facebooking about it so I can see and hear all about it! Your studio space is a wonderful venue.

  2. Congrats on the article, though I surmise you get published therein regularly…? Anyway, this is a healthy way to get back to our roots, as they say, in regard to art. This is what artists generally did before the modern era and of course in the modern era too. It’s a great idea.

    1. Thanks David, I’ve been contributing to Professional Artist magazine for a little while now. Your comment is true, even in the age of the web, maybe getting back to more personal interaction is the future?

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