The moon is a highly evocative subject whether it’s a sliver, a crescent, or full. It speaks to such a range of emotions from fear to romance. Trees have a similar effect on people, evocative as well, they speak to strength, loneliness, rebirth, and joyousness. Combined, these two elements of moon and trees, make for a pretty powerful visual and emotional effect.

In this image of a morning moon setting against a pre-dawn sky, I composed to place the moon off-center and behind branches. The exposure was made off of the sky and then decreased a bit to make sure I had detail in the moon. The trees are in silhouette but with a twist! Since there is snow on some of the branches, there is a dimensionality to the trees that is otherwise lacking in such an image.

The image was made with a Panasonic G2 and Panasonic 100-300mm lens at around 250mm (which is 500mm equivalent in 35mm terms).

Moonset behind trees
Moonset behind trees



4 thoughts on “Descendo

  1. Yes, the snow does add dimensionality, & I like that the entire moon is behind the branches. However I’m puzzled (I admit more or less my normal state) by the title. Simply setting (would your involvement with the scene been different for a rising moon?) or quiet like the opposite crescendo (musically) or some other variation? I get stillness from this image, a moment in time, in itself neither rising nor falling.

  2. Marty,
    Fair question. I partially named it because as a setting moon, the landscape of it has a different look, so I thought it would be recognized as a setting moon anyway. Also though, I believe knowing how the scene was changing when I made the image influenced how I feel about it. As always, I enjoy and appreciate your comments!

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