Certainly one of the aspects of winter that I find interesting from a visual stand point is how it simplifies the landscape. Bare trees and snow-covered ground both contribute to a sense of the austere. Add fog as a component and the landscape all but disappears. I call this the “winter trifecta”.

With this “trifecta” of conditions, I can concentrate on making images that are mostly suggestive of the landscape but still fully representing the feeling of winter.These kinds of images also speak to larger concepts such as being alone, quietness, and visually allow the contemplation of form and light.

There is definitely a quality or feeling to the image that is calming and which I very much like.

(c) Paul Grecian
(c) Paul Grecian



One thought on “Winter Trifecta

  1. Suggesting…. Representing…. Not just with your minimalist subject & your straight-forward approach to it though this image highlights it.

    it seems these words are excellent choices as a general statement on much of photography. A photograph represents a scene, & done well, suggests to the viewer more than the scene. Assuming that there are enough graphic elements (you call them components) to engage a viewer, the fewer there are, the more open to interpretation it is, tending towards the more fundamental concerns a viewer may impose on it.

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