Since my first time traveling to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia in 1985, I’ve been back about 25 times. In all of those visits to this amazing historical time machine, one of the things that has stood out to me was the animals. Colonial Williamsburg has a Rare Breeds Program in which they maintain the types of animals which would have been kept by the colonial residents of the period.

One animal in particular though seems to have the most personality – the Leicester Longwool sheep. These comical looking animals have thick, curly wool coats that cover their eyes and give them real character. As many of my visits to Williamsburg have been in early spring, I have also been able to see the new born lambs which are yes, very cute!

For several years I have offered two prints depicting these marvelous animals and have been pleased with the response I received. More and more I am meeting people who are as excited about Williamsburg as I am. In my most recent travels back to Virginia, I made this image of a Leicester Longwool in a winter setting. This image was made with an Olympus E3 with Olympus 12-60mm lens.

(c) 2013 Paul Grecian
(c) 2013 Paul Grecian



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