I’ve been back from Acadia National Park for about a week and beginning to develop a new body of work from that trip. We had a great time in Bar Harbor, the park, and a couple of nights spent with good friends who have a house in Maine.

Our first 7 nights were spent at the Holbrook House , a B&B in bar Harbor. Run by Michelle and Eric Allvin, we immediately felt at home. Our accommodations were comfortable and the house was welcoming. Michelle and Eric are friendly and accommodating (they adjusted their menu for my daughter who is a vegetarian). The biggest problem I faced staying there is that Michelle made great breakfasts! So, how is that a problem you ask? Well, I’m up early to work sunrise light (4:30 AM) and normally would stay in the field until lunch. And, as unprofessional as it may be, I could not stay out later than 8:00 AM for fear of missing breakfast! These meals were different every day and were each probably the best breakfasts I’ve ever had. That was a big problem!

I am however, quite pleased with some of the work I did manage to do in Maine and will share it soon. For now, here’s a picture of one of those problematic breakfasts.




7 thoughts on “Maine Review

  1. life is rough, Paul – people just don’t understan the sacrifices an artist has to make. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your new work!

  2. Thanks for the visits Wayne, Paula, and Kathy! Yea, the life of a photographer can be full of sacrifice and strife, but you good people who encourage me (and you all have done so), make it very worth while (even if I do have put up with a bit of sarcasm occassionally).

  3. I had to laugh when I read this Paul. From experience staying at B&B’s, they are not conducive to keeping you out in the field because of the typical excellent breakfasts! 🙂 I have wanted to return to Acadia for years, so I am looking forward to your other posts, which I see you already have.

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