I’ve been planning a trip back to Maine for this summer. My first visit last year to Acadia National Park was a profound experience. I am very curious how I will perceive the area differently during a second visit.

I have been working with images I made in Maine last June  and will be printing a few to include in shows and at Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville, NJ. One of the new prints will be of the image below depicting the Margaret Todd schooner in Bar Harbor at dusk. The blues in the sky reflecting in the harbor waters served as a pleasant contrast to the warm tones of the sails. I composed to emphasize a sense of place, the rocky foreground providing grounding from which to stand and enjoy the scene.

Yea, I’m ready to go back!

The Margaret Todd, Bar Harbor, Maine

One thought on “Maine On My Mind

  1. My wife and I went to Maine many years back and have been wanting to return ever since. We went in the summer time, and I have a real itch to see Acadia in the fall. We are thinking maybe this year.

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