I have selected a new image to accompany Downward-facing Dog, an image of a Great Blue Heron stretching in a posture that reminded me of the famous yoga pose of the same name. This new print, which is of an image made the same morning as Downward-facing Dog, is of the same bird in yet another yoga-like posture – Warrior III. Warrior III is a more difficult position to achieve, at least for me, though this heron seemingly does it with little difficulty.

As you have probably guessed, the new print will be titled – Warrior III. Like Downward-facing Dog, I use the  reflection to create a Zen-like symmetry in the image and the overcast lighting (acting like a huge softbox) to eliminate shadow and harsh reflections. My composition does not reveal any real horizon line so the bird and it’s reflection almost seem to be floating in air. The tree limb that breaks the water’s surface and a few water bubbles are all that “ground” the bird to a terrestrial sphere.

"Warrior III"



6 thoughts on “Warrior III – The Yoga Bird Returns

  1. That is beautiful and inspired and I often think the same when looking at my animal companions – they can do so many things naturally that I have to work hard to do exercise wise lol!

    1. Thank you! These are not known as especially graceful birds, but they can strike a pose. It also appears that he may be in his best breeding plumage – a bit of a fashion statement.

  2. Paul, this is yet another striking and thoughtful composition, and is a simply beautiful photo. I simply love your bird photos!

    Any news on upcoming shows?


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