The joy of winter for me is mostly a visual thing. I don’t like the cold, at least not real cold. And ice and snow make driving a hazard I don’t need. But they also transform the landscape into something found during no other time of the year. There’s also something nostalgic about snow that brings one back to their childhood that I enjoy. In any case, I do find working in the snow and ice exciting for image making.

Since most of my winter imagery is based here in Bucks County, it was nice to be a part of the current Winter Issue of Bucks County Town and Country magazine. Bob Waite, the magazine’s editor, named the piece “Winter Whispers”, a title I truly like. The photo essay is an eight page spread and laid out nicely. I especially appreciated Mr Waite’s comment on his Signature page – “All I can say is that Paul’s ability to capture the beauty of Bucks County’s winter scenery and wildlife is almost remarkable.”

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in this fine magazine, I’m pleased to be back.

First pages of winter photo essay



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