According to the weather forecast it may be feeling much more like the Holidays this weekend than typical for October.  That sets the mood well for you to come out to Kutztown for some holiday shopping! I will be with the Reading-Berks Chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen this weekend offering my work to patrons for their own collections and as holiday gifts.

A new print of mine that is now available is entitled Hidden. It is an image of a Red Fox hidden among the golden grasses in Bucks County, PA. Look carefully and you will find this fox licking its lips suggesting either the completion of a good meal or anticipation of a meal yet to come.

The image was composed to place the fox high in the frame and centered in order to add attention on to the face (especially the eye which picks up the sunlight). I wanted most of the image to be about color and texture with the fox alone breaking the pattern of the grasses. The fox’s right eye is hidden behind the tall grasses which further emphasizes viewer attention onto the visible eye. The fact that the tongue is also seen on the same side of the face as the visible eye of the fox further draws the viewer’s eye.

It is an image I made with a Canon EOS 1D Mark II and Canon EF 500mm f4.0 L IS lens on a Gitzo tripod with Foba Superball tripod head and Wimbley Sidekick.


(c) Paul Grecian -




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