A new print that I introduced at the Artists’ Gallery show I did in August is this image of a rainbow made near my home in Bucks County, PA. When I saw the rainbow out my rear window, I knew where it was that I wanted to be. A nearby church has a field behind it’s property that offers a clean view of the sky. Being able to get to a predetermined location when ephemeral subjects like rainbows present themselves is very important. I grabbed a camera and a single lens (Canon EF 28-135mm) that would give me the range of focal lengths I thought I would want.

I composed this image as the sun was still high enough to light the tree and allow me to work hand-held. I composed tightly so as to emphasize the tree and chose a perspective that was low to the ground (also emphasizing the tree). The low perspective also allowed me to compose without any extraneous elements thus simplifying the image. I was able to find a position that had the rainbow reflection fall into the tree creating a relationship with it visually.

I titled the image “The Promise” so as to speak to the “promise” that rainbows make that all storms will clear (hope) and that calm  is not far behind.

"The Promise" available matted to 16x20 ($79.)



4 thoughts on “Rainbow’s End

  1. Thank you, Paul, for taking me with you, through this post, to make this image. Sharing your work methods and inspiration and compositional ideas made me feel as if I were able to watch from over your shoulder. Beautiful photograph.

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