There is still plenty of time to get over to the Artists’ Gallery   in Lambertville, NJ and take in A Sense of Place. This two-person show featuring the oil paintings of Materese Roche and photography by myself, continues through to September 4.

One of the images that I introduced at this show is of a wooded area where I made prominent one particular tree. What drew me to this tree was the placement of it’s few remaining brightly colored fall leaves. I composed the image so that the remaining leaves almost suggest the flickering of a flame. The early morning light was dim so that I could add a sense of mystery to the woods by exposing for the highlights. The tight composition I created emphasizes the tree and specifically adds symmetry to the image.

I made this image that I have entitled Monogahela Wood, in the Monogahela Forest of West Virginia during a trip with a friend. West Virginia is a beautiful state and one I certainly would like to get back to.

Monogahela Wood


2 thoughts on ““A Sense of Place” Continues……

  1. I think this is a good example of a difficult photograph to see. It is taken from just the right angle to de-emphasize the background trees, and the right brightness in the trunk to make it stand out so well. Nice one Paul.

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