As part of our two-person show at the Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville, NJ, oil-painter Materese Roche  and I each unveiled a single artwork that we created based on a common image. The common image was one I made in Acadia National Park this past June. I gave Materese a converted Raw file that did not represent my finished work but which gave her a sense of the location and light.

At 6:00 during the evening of the Opening Reception and with a full room of people, we both uncovered our interpretation of the scene having each not seen the other’s work. The response was more than we could have asked for. While it may have been a bit of theater, it was also a lot of fun. Both pieces sold quickly.

The image below is my final work. The 14×20″ print which was framed to 22×28″ is entitled Cairns at Last Light and was made on Cadillac Mountain at Sunset. Working on a tripod of course, I used a Canon EOS 5d mark II camera with a Canon EF 17-40mm L lens with polarizer and neutral-density, graduated filter to hold back some of the light in the sky.

"Cairns at Last Light"



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