Doing art and fine craft fairs and festivals is really unlike most other lines of work. It offers much in the way of personal and sometimes financial reward, but also requires a very serious level of committment. There are compromises that an artist must make if they are going to make shows of this kind their primary means of income. It really requires an acceptance of a certain kind of lifestyle. It is this lifestyle choice that I describe in an article published in the June 2011 issue of Professional Artist magazine .

My article in June 2011 issue of Professional Artist magazine



8 thoughts on “No Business Like ……Show Business

    1. Daniel,

      Thanks man. The thing about these kinds of venues is that there is always slow periods. I’ve made it a habit during those times to write down my observations and ideas about the process. I also get to talk with other artists and gain from their insight.

  1. I’ve done local shows for years and those are as much of a commitment as ‘travel to’ shows. I think to be successful it’s not something to enter into lightly, thinking you’ll make a bunch of sales or ‘be discovered’. It’s just another way to market your work. Some days, some shows (and some days at some shows) are better than others and almost as often as loving it you wonder why you’re doing it. Considerations and preparations for weather (and losses due to wind, rain, dirt, sun), theft, incidental damage, replacement of damaged frames and artwork, upkeep of the booth and booth furniture, expenses related to booth decor, signage, merchant services, displays, accommodation, transport (trailer, camper or delivery van?), booth fees, jury fees, commission fees, taxes, delivery costs (if you ship), etc. etc. It’s like having a brick and mortar storefront except you move it to a different location every week/month. It can be exciting to be in a new place, but exhausting always setting up, packing up. Not for everyone.

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