I have always thought the dried flower remains of Marsh Rose to be an almost sombre reminder of a previous summer. Really, these remnants of flowers which are so vivid and bright when in bloom, are beautiful in their own right. The dried stems and flower parts of this local Hibiscus are various shades of brown and tan and for me were the perfect foreground for a quite image of the lake on an overcast day. With a little bit of sepia tone and monochromatic noise, the image makes me feel rather nostalgic.

The image made in the field was done with a Panasonic G2 and a Lensbaby adapted Nikon 55mm micro lens in full tilt. This allowed me to render the area of focus as just a slim section of the foreground.

(c) 2011 Paul Grecian - http://www.paulgrecianphoto.com



4 thoughts on “Evidence of Summer Past

  1. Great shot, hon. I agree with Donna’s comment, above.
    Sorry for my recent absence, btw. This is the busy time of year for my visual arts business & I’ve been taking full advantage!

  2. Exquisite. I love the subtle pastels and the impressionistic style–all except the flower heads, which are in focus. I too have experimented with using soft focus through near-far juxtaposition with the majority of the image soft and one element sharp. None with such fine results as you have obtained here. Great work.

  3. David,

    Thank you for your thoughts on this image as well. I’m very pleased you like it. Your comments affirm what I was feeling about it as well. It will be interesting to see a broader public response after I make a print.

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