(c) Paul Grecian

When I came across this amazing  flower at Longwood Gardens, I was immediately taken by the color. I admit to being primarily a warm-tone personality, but the more time I spent with this blue beauty, the more enthralled I became.

I often start my visualization process by studying background possibilities. In this case, I was thinking blue-on-blue with some areas of highlights. Employing a variety of macro image making tools, I worked from angles that made me

(c) Paul Grecian

appreciate the impact yoga has had on my flexibility. Shallow depth-of-field and longer focal lengths (up to 300mm) were techniques I used to attain the feeling and mood I wanted in the images.

For imagery like this, I use the tools that I am comfortable with, which means using anything that allows me to fulfill my vision. In this case, both Canon and Panasonic cameras and both Canon and Nikon lenses were used with adaptor where needed.

(c) 2011 Paul Grecian - http://www.paulgrecianphoto.com



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