So much for my usually quite short commute. Typically I am up at 5:30am, get dressed and can be at work by, oooh, let’s say 5:35am (depending on traffic going down the steps to my first floor studio space). Even in bad weather, I have no delays (unless I stop by the front door window to see how bad conditions are for everyone else).

What’s happened is that I have become a bit addicted to going to Longwood Gardens down in Kennett Square, PA. Now that is a serious commute. It takes me over an hour-and-a-half each way on heavily traveled roads. Not pleasant. But I am enjoying the destination and of course, not going everyday. With the weather getting nicer, the draw to be outdoors at Longwood will be harder to fight off. But, soon my commute will include art and fine craft shows at various locations (almost entirely in Pennsylvania), so I may as well get used to it.

(c) 2011 Paul Grecian -



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