(c) Paul Grecian

Flowers are a big part of this day, and certainly one of the most spectacular parts of nature. Who doesn’t like the color, form, variety, and scent of the botanical residents of our world? From an artistic standpoint, they offer so much and are so evocative. Flowers have become associated with many kinds of meanings and bring back memories of places and people. They are certainly a subject with which I plan to spent increasing amounts of time exploring and expressing.

(c) Paul Grecian

These are a few images I made while at Longwood Gardens yesterday. The orchid exhibit was wonderful but there are so many other plants to see as well. I could have spent a full day in any one room. I went with my daughter who is becoming serious about photography herself. She’s about the same age I was when I started, 13 years old.

(c) 2011 Paul Grecian - http://www.paulgrecianphoto.com



2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Paul, I have spent countless hours crawling around my landscape with my nikon and my macro lens in pursuit of the perfect flower portrait. Flowers are irresistable to me. Thrilled to see your images of the beauties.

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