Winter has become my favorite time to work on bird images. The lack of foliage opens up the brush for making clean compositions. The birds seem to move a bit more slowly as well (of course so do I).

The male White-throated Sparrow is a common fellow but actually quite handsome with his yellow lores, white throat and black eyestripes. The rich browns of his feathers also set him off from the wintry background.

What I really enjoy about this image is that I have two of these birds and that they are posed opposite to each other. Their posture in some ways mimics the pattern of the branches and so helps repeat the form of their perch.



7 thoughts on “This Way and That….

  1. Great shot, Paul, I love it! When I see photos like this from you, I can’t help thinking that the birds are paid models – I mean what are the chances of catching such a great pose out in the wild? 😉

  2. It is indeed a brilliant composition. I love the little birds. They remind me of my mother, who was a birder extraordinaire and heavily involved in the local and National Audubon. My mother would greatly appreciate your photography, Paul.

  3. Great work Paul. The softness of this composition really draws me in. I love the balance and the airiness of this image with the crystal clarity of the birds. I just want to reach out and stroke them with my fingers. Simply beautiful!

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