The 2011 edition of Photographer’s Market has been out for a little while and I received my copy from the publisher. Last year I had a feature article in the 2010 edition of Photographer’s Market which also appeared in the 2010 Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market. This year my article deals with making the most of local opportunities which has been a primary objective of mine since I began to work professionally.

It is still a strategy and a personal working style for me and one that I have seen friends use successfully as well. Lots of good stuff in the 2011 edition, certainly it should be on your bookshelf.

My article in 2011 Photographer's Market

4 thoughts on “Know Place Like Home…

  1. We get these books at our library (which allows me to take the old copies home.) I never knew you had an article in the 2010 edition! I can’t wait to write it off & take it home now! *L*

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