It’s more than just about the apples, but that’s certainly a good reason to go! This will be my second year at this very fun event. It runs for two weekends (Oct. 2-3 and Oct. 9-10). The festival is out in the Gettysburg area in the center of apple country here in Pennsylvania. It’s beautiful country out that way as well, full of apple orchards and farm land. The weather this first weekend looks to be ideal and I am excited to get out there. Check out the festival’s website here for more information – National Apple Harvest Festival



2 thoughts on “The National Apple Harvest Festival

  1. Sounds like a great event. We have a small apple harvest event in the Northern Sierra at the Dawn Institute, which is an organic garden. Every year they open the invitation for everyone to come pick apples and then put them through the hand cider presses and leave with the most tasty, fresh apple juice ever. It’s also a potluck with a live local band playing country-folk and lots of wine and song.

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