Watching Hurricane Earl on television as it’s just offshore of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, I feel for the people who are being forced to leave the Outer Banks and their homes. Parts of Route 12 can be difficult even in good weather and driving in miles of traffic congestion has got to be scary when you know a storm is coming. I wish all the evacuees the best.

I am thankful that we had calmer weather during our stay around Duck, NC last week. In fact, toward the end of the week we had a few starry sky nights that allowed me to do some work on a moon-lit beach. The combination of moonlight and artificial light sources from the beachfront properties, made for interesting and evocative conditions.

This image was made looking north along the beach in front of where we were staying. The houses are all lit with their interior lights and the beach is a wash with moonlight. I tried several different exposures using the Bulb setting and counted out loud while holding the button on the cable release. Using a Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon 17-40mm L lens wide open at f4, this was about a 15 second exposure. The RAW image was then processed in Photoshop CS4 with levels and perspective adjustments made. I was pleased to see a very clear Big Dipper evident in the sky, but a close look shows a sky full of stars. Still, the Big Dipper is iconic and I emphasize that constellation in the image to make it as clear as I remembered it.

Outer Banks, NC at Night



One thought on “Outer Banks, NC at Night

  1. Beautiful shot. Wish I could see it in a larger format. As the former author of a quarterly astronomy column, I might have been able to ID more constellations in there.

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