After a weekend of rain the week before last, I needed some time outdoors. And so even though it was raining still last Monday, I grabbed by Olympus E-3 with 50-200mm SWD lens and headed out to a local park. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, make images of wet spring green color and walking paths. The E-3 and lens can handle the rain.

The rain never let up enough for me to consider changing lenses so I worked with just the one lens I had put on the camera. While the paths were usually empty, I did see several runners and dog-walkers even in the rain. Ultimately I spent about 4 hours photographing in the rain creating the images I envisioned before I arrived on location.



4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Greens

  1. It is thrilling to complse a shot in your head, then set out to make it happen. That is one difference between picture-takers and photographers, Paul. You got this one just right; I can feel the damp brightness.

  2. I love that. It’s so beautiful. I can almost smell it.

    Sorry for my recent absence, btw. Nothing but problems with my brand new, WinBLOWS 7 computer. 😦

  3. gorgeous colors. Glad to see you post the rainy day greens.
    Most people don’t realize how there is a different type of light that illuminates green on rainy days. They tend to think the photographer did a special effect. Its all real, I can attest to that one 🙂
    I love the touch of yellows in the leaves on the upper right.

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