I recently spent some time working with a favorite subject of mine, tulips. I almost always find myself thinking abstractly when around such a simple form with great color. On this morning, there was also a great deal of dew (or melted frost, I’m not sure) which added both additional interest and great reflection possibilities. The thing about working these subjects is the need to get down low and work at angles not always comfortable for back, neck, and hips. A lens with image stabilization and regular yoga sessions at home have made me a better macro photographer.

The first image is the full frame image I made in camera. The second image is a section of the original giving a better sense of the detail of tulips reflected in the drop.



2 thoughts on “Tulip Drop

  1. There is something irresistable about that lustrous rich orange. This is a stunning juxtaposition of that vibrant color with the velvet txture of the petal; the softness of the botanical with the crystal sharpness of the dewdrop. What a great image.

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