I received an email yesterday about an image of Pink Lady Slippers. It was seen by the emailer at a show I did last summer and she wanted to know if it was still available. Being that it has been spring for all of 3 days, I am of course thinking about flowers anyway (and not to fondly of the fact that my lawn will soon need mowing).

A couple years ago, a friend took me to the property of couple he knew on which Pink Lady Slippers grew wild. With their permission, and being exceedingly careful (picture Twister with a tripod), we spent several hours trying to make visual poetry from these amazing Orchids. These are relatively big plants and very 3-dimensional. The lighting was mostly overcast, my preferred conditions for working with any flower as it prevents harsh shadow and strong highlights.

The three-dimensionality of the Lady Slippers presents a challenge in that depth-of-field (the amount of the image that is in focus) becomes more difficult to control. I wanted a muted, soft background for the flowers, but in order to maintain the entire plant in focus, I had to use a smaller aperture which also brought the background more into focus. So, visually I had to find a way to achieve both goals and still isolate the flower from it’s surroundings. I’m pretty sure it was at this point that I decided doing yoga would be an asset.



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