A recent blog entry I made here, generated a bit of discussion. It even made its way to dinnertime discussion with my wife and daughter at my house. A couple days later my daughter (7th grade) brought me a book she was reading to point out a particular paragraph to me. One line really caught her attention. On page 128 of Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, author Wendy Mass writes

“Mom thinks that art is a personal thing, and Aunt Judi believes that art isn’t art until it’s appreciated by the public”

My daughter recognized the close relation to the discussion here  and thought it interesting. Our dinnertime discussion on this topic added relevance to her reading. I suspect the passage from Mass’ book would not have had as big an impact on my daughter otherwise. I don’t know fully how that line related to Mass’  book, but I’m glad it was there.



3 thoughts on “Life Imitating Art Imitating Blog

  1. That is Wonderful, Paul. As a 7th grade language arts teacher I’m constantly trying to offer relevance between our literary works and my student’s lives. (sometimes it ain’t easy, man) I’m not a bit surprised that your daughter took it to the next step. Well done!

  2. I’ve had to completely give up on defining art &/or what its for. My last attempt ended up with “everything is art, & therefore nothing is art.” I’d rather just spend my time painting. 😉

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