Something I really enjoy and appreciate is when a client sends me a picture of how they have incorporated my work into their lives. It gives me a sense of total satisfaction that I have brought something to their living space that they enjoy. I met Alexa and Jack while gallery-tending at the Artist’s Gallery in Lambertville, NJ. They had found my work on the gallery website and came to see my work in person not knowing I would be there that day.

We talked about both my work and what they were looking to achieve on a large dining room wall. I invited them to come to an upcoming show I was doing to see a larger selection of images from which to choose. Ultimately they decided on a grouping of 6 images matted and framed to 16×20 in a matt black molding. A few of the images required printing in larger sizes than I had previously offered. I am sometimes able to accommadate these kinds of requests and even depend upon them to direct me to new sizes.

I was very pleased with the final result. The black frames worked very well and emphasized the color in the images. The placement of the frames on the dining room wall looks flawless and the arrangement creates interesting interactions between the birds in the prints. It just plain looks great! 

Thank you Alexa and Jack!

Six framed prints used in a wonderful dining room




6 thoughts on “Nature in the Dining Room

  1. Mark – I’ve always thought that art was a two-way-street. The appreciation of it is as important as the making.

    Hey Dan, thanks for the visit. The Artist’s Gallery is moving in March to Bridge Street. We’re excited about the new location.

    Paul B. – a really do appreciate it when people are both interested in my images and in following my work, you’re absolutely right.

    Thanks Cheryl and Lana, I always appreciate your support!

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