Over the last dozen years in these parts, the first week of December has brought us snow quite regularly. This past weekend’s wintry event was a stunner! I got out the day after for a sunrise session and was greeted with the kind of conditions I had visualized. Snow gently covered everything it touched and the morning light accented the landscape with warm rays. By combining geometry with both cool shadows and warm light, I was able to create the contrast in color and mood I was looking for. Again working with my Olympus E-3 gear, I worked to maximize depth and compression using small apertures and longer focal lengths.

Wintry Sunrise - (C) 2009 Paul Grecian



6 thoughts on “Another Early Winter

  1. We don’t quite have the snow sticking to the trees yet, but darn its cold – with some pretty hefty winds.

    I like the warm / cool tones in this Paul.

  2. Lana – you’re funny, thanks for the smile.

    Thanks for the look Mark, always appreciated.

    Hey John, I bought into Olympus a couple years ago because of it’s all-weather resistance. Canon is still my primary system, but I am enjoying working with the E-3.

    Kathy – very pleased you like it.

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