After a long 3-day weekend show and knowing I have shows the next 3 weekends, I am feeling the need to relax and mellow out. It is at such times that I am drawn to simple visuals, especially in cool, calming, colors. So when doing some image editing today, I stopped on this frame which is an image I made earlier this year at a nearby lake.

The water is reflecting a late afternoon sky which had some dramatic cloud structure. Isolating just these two blades of grass reflected in the lake waters gave me the visual simplicity I desired. Placing them near a power-point adds just enough tension to keep the image interesting. For me the point at which the blades meet the waterline, causing a slight alteration of the flat lake, is pivotal to the image. This is where the reflection is altered and becomes bright, it indicates the point at which two worlds meet. The more I look at this image, the calmer I feel.




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