One of the aspects of my work that I love, is getting out early mornings and being in nature. To do this means mostly staying local here in Bucks County, PA. This morning was brightly lit so I worked areas of back-lighting where I could create silhouettes of trees with late-summer color in the background. This is where I really enjoy working with a zoom lens. Being able to change composition without physically moving is often essential for this kind of image. Often there are trees or heavy brush behind me or moving forward has me stepping in something I’d rather avoid.

Exposure is determined based on the backlit elements (grass, flowers, foliage) and I allow the trees to become strong black shapes. The sellection of trees for this image was based on what I found most appealing. The key is to limit overlap between the trees so that each remains a singular form. For this image I used an Olympus E3 camera with an Olympus 50-200mm lens with polarizer attached.

_9060156 copy



4 thoughts on “Stained Glass Summer Window

  1. Hey Matt – I am primarily using Canon but was drawn to Olympus for a lighter weight option to do macro and landscape work when the weather is bad as much of their system is weather-proof. Their optics are great and I like the tilt/swivel LCD on the E-3.

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