Well certainly not as far as the calendar is concerned, but school has started and the weather is cooling. I can also see it in the kinds of wildflowers that grow around here in Bucks County, PA. One of my favorites are the Marsh Mallows, a form of Hibiscus. They grow along a lake I frequent and are a great foreground element, accent element, or primary subject. In a recent outing I spent time watching 3 Kingbirds flitting around. At one point they were working their way through some pink Marsh Mallows (they also appear in red and white).

I visualized an image of one of these monochromatic birds among the flowers and began tracking one that had landed on the dried remains of last summer’s plants. I wanted the bird to stand against a clean, texture-free background and be framed by the colorful Hibiscus flowers. Morning light, diffused by clouds, was perfect. And a long lens (Canon EF 500mm f4.0 with a TC 1.4 made for an effective 700mm perspective), gave me the limited depth of field I required.




6 thoughts on “Summer’s End

  1. Good things come to those who chase them. You got all the things you were looking for, & for extra… the strong diagonal composition & the shape & “veins” of the petals mimicking the bird’s wings. Very nice image.

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