I am having difficulty putting an exact ID on the bird in this image, but I’m going with Flycatcher family till told otherwise. Doesn’t matter to the image really. The image is about a bird in it’s environment. It’s an image of lines and form and a rather monochromatic color palette. I composed to maximize the diagonal movement implied by the branches of last summer’s hibiscus flowers (now dry and brown). The bird is actually a small part of the image yet certainly the eye goes directly to it. The posture of the bird leads down and away from the leading lines of the branches which draw up and to the left. I like the balance of the small round bird against the small, round shapes where the flowers would have been. I think this is a quiet piece, simple, with almost an oriental sense about it.

I’ll be gallery sitting tomorrow at Artist’s Gallery in Lambertville, NJ. Looking forward to it.




9 thoughts on “Flycatcher?

  1. Beautiful image! Such a graceful elegance to it. My guess as to ID would be a Kingbird or Phoebe, but keep in mind I’m not familiar with Eastern species.

  2. I really like this image Paul. It is one thing to just get a closeup of these little birds, but to have it blend with the surrounding environment so elegantly is really a step above. Very nice.

  3. Hey Mark, I appreciate your feelings about this image and the way you phrased it. I think it may work well on a soft paper like a velvet. Your remarks are very reinforcing.

  4. Flycatcher…? It doesn’t look like a sticky piece of plastic to me.

    Very elegant image, w/ a definite (not almost) oriental feel to it, both subject & composition wise. On the niggling, picky level, I’d be tempted to clone/crop the bottom-most partial flower… or not. But that detail caught my eye.

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